Blackjack in the Movies: Why 21 Spawned a Mobile Gaming Revolution

Blackjack and Hollywood movies seem to go together like hands and gloves. Over the years the game has been used in a variety of blockbusters, including the biopic, 21.

Based on the famous MIT blackjack team, the film charts the group of mathematical geniuses rise from one of the world’s most prestigious universities to live casino floors across the world. Using their affinity for numbers, the team managed to win millions of dollars by utilising card counting techniques at the blackjack tables.

21 Inspires Millions to Chase 21

The popularity of films such as 21 is not only a sign that blackjack is a major part of pop culture, but that they also actually help the game flourish. Over the last five years the number of players playing blackjack has increased dramatically. Thanks to films such as 21, punters have been inspired to go online and visit desktop sites or portable platforms such as 32Red mobile casino to test their mettle.

In fact, this secondary point raises an interesting issue. Thanks to the growth of blackjack and the evolution of smartphone technology, it’s now possible to play a slew of games anytime, anywhere. Today’s blackjack player is less of a live grinder and more of a virtual competitor which suggests that a future remake of 21 would look very different.

Hollywood Exposes the Wonders of Mobile Blackjack


by Bob Owen

Instead of an all-star cast taking on the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas, the modern crew of math experts would all be huddled around their phones on a platform such as 32Red. Would this scene be as appealing to viewers as a battle inside a venue? Probably not, however, there’s no doubt that playing blackjack via your mobile is a much more lucrative proposition for the average player.

Because variants such Atlantic City blackjack, bonus blackjack and European blackjack have betting limits starting from $0.10 and are capable of racing through dozens of hands a minute, there’s a much greater scope for betting the odds via your iPhone or Android. However, when it comes to pure entertainment from a cinematic perspective, there’s no doubting live blackjack’s credentials.

Although it’s likely that mobile blackjack operators such as 32Red, Betfair and Titan would have come into being without films such as 21, there’s no doubt these stories helped push them to greater heights. Indeed, aside from showing audiences that blackjack can be a glamorous game, 21 also highlighted that with some skilful play the informed players can actually have the upper hand against the casino.

The Future of Blackjack Safe Because of Movies

by  isfullofcrap

by isfullofcrap

Movies have the ability to infiltrate the masses like few other mediums can and there’s no doubt that 21 helped expose casual viewers to the wonders of blackjack. From both an entertainment and strategic point of view, 21 enabled audiences to learn about and, subsequently, play blackjack.

Moreover, without the influence of these films, online and mobile blackjack might not be as popular as it is today. Sure, the aficionados would enjoy the game in all its formats, but the casual gamer probably wouldn’t have. Because of this fact it’s clear that blackjack’s recent fortune, moreover its future fortunes, are invariably intertwined with Hollywood’s obsession with the game.

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Online Blackjack – Comparing the Different Software Platforms

Blackjack is one of the all time favorite casino classics. The table game is very popular in land based casinos so no wonder why it moved online soon after the launch of the first online casinos. Due to its popularity, casino software providers have so far created many variations of the game and blackjack fans enjoy them regularly on the web.

Each online casino software platform offers different versions of online blackjack with different rules for each variant. There are players that prefer to play at software specific online casinos because they like the game’s performance such as its features, interface or blackjack variety as compared to other software platforms. Players in South Africa for example, prefer paying SA friendly blackjack games from providers that cater to their needs. With this in mind, let’s consider online blackjack by comparing the software providers that develop and create this popular casino game.

Microgaming Blackjack

Microgaming is a pioneer online casino software platform currently powering many trusted and respected casinos on the Internet. It offers the largest blackjack collection online comprised of over 40 blackjack variations. This table game from Microgaming features advanced player options such as single and multi hand options, live dealer blackjack variations including a Gold game option with enhanced graphics, excellent animation and faster game play. Microgaming also has a creative blackjack portfolio which is quite unique and it is one of the world class developers regarding casino game innovation.

Playtech Blackjack

Playtech is another popular and trusted online casino software supplier and its platform features some unique blackjack variations. For example, there’s Blackjack Switch, a blackjack game that allows players to switch the second dealt card to each hand. Playtech’s live dealer blackjack games are also exceptional and enable players to chat with a human dealer at a real blackjack table. The performance of the games is fast and impressive and the game play is very smooth. No wonder why statistics reveal that from hundreds of blackjack fans over 50% love Playtech and enjoy playing its blackjack games.


NetEnt Blackjack

NetEnt is also premium software platform offering excellent blackjack games for real money. NetEnt blackjack variants are preferred option for a couple of reasons including their smooth and fast performance. These games have innovative interface which is rich of features. The blackjack menu is decent and comprised of Classic Blackjack, Blackjack Pro, Double Exposure Blackjack and Single Deck Blackjack. This table game from NetEnt also offers fast game play options which is very important for players who want to make money paying it. In addition, there are also a number of casinos that offer mobile blackjack options from this platform.

play blackjack

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Explore All of Your Blackjack Options for Maximum Results

Blackjack has been around as a card game for hundreds of years, but it’s taken the Internet to truly turn it into a competitive yet interesting gambling activity. Putting real money behind blackjack online isn’t super old, but it is super fun! Imagine coming home from a long day at work and just being able to relax. You could go to a casino that has live dealers, which would make your blackjack experience even more interesting. Sure, it’s not going to be the exact same experience that you would get at a land based casino. However, in our opinion it’s even better. For one, everything is about your convenience. The online casino is much more convenient for playing blackjack than the offline casino any day of the week.

Blackjack Options

Speaking of “any day of the week”, it’s important to understand that you can play whenever you like. Interested in moving forward? You should check out 188Bet’s blackjack options. 188Bet is a progressive, innovative casino that truly focuses on the player’s experience at all times. You get to log in, play all of the different blackjack variations, and win real money. There are also giveaways done on the site that are completely random. Even if you decide to play other games, you will be entered in the giveaway. Winning prizes just for being a member isn’t just a good thing; it’s quite the perk to hold onto!

Blackjack can be seen as competitive for some, but for others it’s just good fun that can last for hours if you can manage the bankroll for it. Even if you’re new to the game of blackjack, you’ll find that it’s easy to catch on. The biggest tip to remember in blackjack is to try to memorize one of the decision making charts readily available for the card game. Knowing when to hit, stay, or even double down can make the difference in terms of profiting from the game. If you remember the basic strategy chart for blackjack, you’ll also be able to shave down the house advantage.

Check out all of 188Bet’s blackjack options today. Not only will you get to make real money on the side, but you may run into people that are just as passionate about the game as you are. That’s always a great time, right?

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How to Make Money Playing BlackJack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at casinos as it offers excellent odds and numerous winning opportunities. If you are willing to put a little more effort and learn the basic strategies, you are likely to outperform anyone and earn a lot of money. Moreover, you will be able to learn new methods as you advance.

Here are a few tips to become a successful Blackjack player:

  1. Always Stick to the Basic Strategy:

A basic blackjack chart can help you to make decisions at the blackjack table. Memorize the basic moves and do not deviate from them while playing. Execute them in live play as they are bound to give you the best results.

  1. Learn How to Count the Cards:

To become a constant winner, it is important to learn how to count the cards. It is a skill that requires both effort and practice in order to perfect. Practice each day for up to one hour if possible. With the loud music and constant distractions at the casino, you must have perfected this skill to make the right move. You can simulate this environment at home by turning on your television and loud music. The aim is to maintain the count in spite of the constant distractions around you.

Playing BlackJack

  1. Build a Bankroll:

Inadequate amounts of money is the main reason for people failing at this game. For you to be considered ready to play the live or online blackjack, you should have at least 50x minimum table bet in the bankroll money. Once you begin playing, your main aim should be to build the bankroll with the profits that you earn until it becomes self-sustaining.

  1. Pick the Table Right:

Note that not each table at the casino is good for you. It is important to look for one with few or no players at first. In other words, you should only seat down when the other dealer is shuffling-up the decks. This will assure you of a deeper penetration in the deck. It will also make your count to be more accurate. Choosing the table with the minimum bet will not help.

  1. Small-Ball Your Way to Profit:

Using the win/loss limit is one of the best ways to earn cash. Appreciate that it may not be possible to cash in a huge chunk of money in one blackjack session. Take smaller wins and allow the money to accumulate. Always try to preserve your bankroll and limit losses especially while on the losing end. Continue reading

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Blackjack Help – Why Alternating Bets is Important

Playing blackjack is considered one of the easiest casino games to play. There isn’t a substantial amount of rules, and most of the time you are just knocking on the table for a hit or waving the dealer off. The question is whether or not you have the ability to ‘guess’ whether or not the card you need is going to be handed to you.

Granted, there are several ways to increase the probability of helping your hand. One is keeping track of how many cards from 8-up are played, and how many cards from 7-down are played. Even though it’s considered cheating in a casino, professionals do it all time. However, we wouldn’t recommend this approach at all.

In fact, one of the more controlled ways to win money at blackjack is by alternating your bets. Individuals who sit at a £25 table and continuously play this amount are more likely to lose money. Why? Well, the house tells us you are going to lose more hands than you win (unless you decide to stop playing while you are well ahead).

Blackjack Bets

The only time we considered changing this understanding is if you are playing with one deck. Most casinos play with 6-8 decks in one sleeve. In addition, one of the players will cut the sleeve, and then all players will play the cards until they reach the cut-off point. Whether you dominate the sleeve, break even, or lose big, is going to depend on the way you place each wager.

Amateurs will tell you it’s too risky to take the “1, 2, 3” approach, but we beg to differ. The skepticism is primarily because these individuals do not want to bet £75 on one hand. If this sounds like you, we would recommend dropping down to a smaller wager so this approach can be used. The easiest is a £10 table, and you can still make a lot of money.

How to Alternate Your Blackjack Bets

Initially it is recommended that the table is analyzed before sitting down. If players are losing left and right, it’s a good idea to wait for the sleeve to be completed. This will allow you to start fresh, and potentially cut the sleeve yourself. Then simply play the first 3 games with nothing but £10 bets. It will give you an idea of how aggressive or passive the other players around you are playing.   Continue reading

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Blackjack Comes Alive Online – Check it Out!

Blackjack is a game that’s delightfully old, yet wonderfully appealing all at the same time. When we play blackjack, it’s an intense experience because you’re really playing against the dealer themselves. Even when there are other people in the room, you don’t have to worry about what they have or don’t have in their hands. You just have to concentrate on the dealer, and getting through each round without breaking 21. Going bust is a tough thing, but it’s not the end of the world. After all, you can always start over again.

The online experience actually takes blackjack to a whole new level, if you know where to go and how to play in the new environment. You see, the old way of online blackjack was done with computers, randomly generated decks, and very little socialization. You logged on, played a few hands, made or lost some money, and then went on with your life. Things are much different now, because you can interact with live dealers as you play.


There are two reasons why live dealers rock. The best reason for playing 21’s with live dealers online is that you get to experience a different personality every time you hit the tables. Live dealers love to crack jokes, stir up a little challenge, and make you feel like you’re truly at a world class casino. You might be connecting to the casino from the comfort of your home, but they’re going to try to do everything they can to make the experience as “real” as they can. The other reason is that it adds more challenge to the game, not less. With the human element involved, you just don’t know if you’re going to win or lose. With computers, they tend to act in a fairly predictable fashion. Sometimes the dealer may stay when they could hit, or they may double down in a way that gives you something to think about.

Either way, it’s fun just being around live people. You get to learn a little bit about every dealer, and you just have to keep coming back if you want to know more about their stories. What type of story will you create once you log on and start playing? You never know what the dealers will say about you once you start rocking the blackjack table unless you start playing! Good luck!

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Everything you need to know about BlackJack

Blackjack Overview

Blackjack is one of the most familiar and popular table games played in modern casinos and has translated well to play online. It’s a classic card game played between the player and the dealer, the object of which is to obtain the highest value hand without exceeding twenty-one. When counting the value of a hand the picture cards (i.e. Kings, Queens and Jacks) have the same value of ten, while Aces can be used as a value of either one or eleven. The value assigned to an Ace is naturally the one that helps achieve the best hand!

Additional Information

The cards in a game of Blackjack are dealt from a casino contraption called a shoe, which can contain anything from one standard fifty-two card deck to eight such decks depending on the rules of the casino you’re playing.

You begin a hand of Blackjack by placing an initial bet, which must be at least the casino’s advertised minimum for that table, after which you are dealt two cards face up. The dealer always receives one card face up and (commonly) a second card face down. Once these initial cards are dealt you can make a decision about what you want to do next. The options are:

Hit – a further card is dealt to you from the shoe. You can ‘hit’ as many times as you like, but if the value of the cards in your hand ends up exceeding twenty-one, you’re ‘bust’ and lose the game.

Stand – you decide to stick with the cards you’re holding and their value is judged against the dealer’s hand.

Split – if your two cards are of the same value (e.g. two fours or two picture cards) you can choose to split the hand and duplicate your bet to play each of them separately.

Double Down – If the combined value of your first two cards is nine, ten or eleven you can choose to double your bet and receive one further card after which you then ‘stand’.

Insurance – If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace you can take out an additional side bet, typically half your original wager, to insure against him achieving Blackjack (i.e. his second card has a value of ten, giving a hand of twenty-one with just two cards).

Once you have concluded your turn without busting, the dealer then plays their hand. At the conclusion of the dealer’s turn the hands are compared and the strongest wins. In the event that the final hands are equal in value there is a ‘Push’ with the dealer and you get your original bet back.

play blackjack

The Online Game

We’d always recommend reading the game guides at the online casino you’ve chosen to play with to familiarise yourself with the specifics of its software and any variations in its Blackjack games. However, in general, you can expect to play at a virtual simulation of a classic Blackjack table with a console of clearly marked buttons that you click to make your playing decisions. A set of virtual chips of different denominations will also be displayed, from which you can select the bet you wish to make before requesting a hand from the dealer. Any wins or losses are automatically credited to or debited from your player account as appropriate.

You may also be offered ‘multi-hand’ and/or ‘multi-player’ Blackjack at your chosen online casino which are popular variations of the basic games as follows:

Multi-player Blackjack – More than one player can play against the dealer at a single table. All players are still only competing with the dealer, and not with each other, but the opportunity to interact with the other online players using text messages can make the playing experience more sociable and akin to playing Blackjack in a real-world casino.

Multi-hand Blackjack – This is a way to play up to five hands at once against the dealer. You play each of your hands in turn to create the strongest one you can, giving you more opportunities to try and beat the dealer’s hand in that game.

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Tips to choose the best Blackjack Table

When playing blackjack, table selection is everything. Whether playing blackjack online or playing blackjack live, it is imperative that players select the best blackjack table possible. When choosing the best blackjack table for you, you must consider certain things. Below are some key tips to choose the best online blackjack table.

Tip 1 – Choose a blackjack table within your desired stakes — The stakes you play for vary from blackjack table to blackjack table. The table minimum at one blackjack table may be far less than another blackjack table. Be sure you know the table minimum and maximum before you sit down at any blackjack table. The stakes are posted on the blackjack table’s card in live casinos, while the stakes are often posted right on the table and can be adjusted to one’s liking when playing online blackjack. Regardless of the venue, players should be sure they are playing blackjack at their desired stakes.


Tip 2 – Know the rules — The rules of blackjack vary slightly from casino to casino. Some online casinos use eight decks, while others use hundreds of virtual decks. Be certain you not only know the rule set that the chosen blackjack table uses, but also know if there are a better set of blackjack rules you could be playing under at another casino or blackjack table.

Tip 3 – Be comfortable — Rules and stakes aside, always be certain that when you are playing blackjack that you are comfortable with the casino, the blackjack table, and your seat at the table. The best rules in the world cannot make up for being in an uncomfortable situation. Consequently, you should be certain that you are comfortable when you take a seat at a live blackjack table or an online blackjack table so that you profit and feel great while doing so!

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