Tips to choose the best Blackjack Table

When playing blackjack, table selection is everything. Whether playing blackjack online or playing blackjack live, it is imperative that players select the best blackjack table possible. When choosing the best blackjack table for you, you must consider certain things. Below are some key tips to choose the best online blackjack table.

Tip 1 – Choose a blackjack table within your desired stakes — The stakes you play for vary from blackjack table to blackjack table. The table minimum at one blackjack table may be far less than another blackjack table. Be sure you know the table minimum and maximum before you sit down at any blackjack table. The stakes are posted on the blackjack table’s card in live casinos, while the stakes are often posted right on the table and can be adjusted to one’s liking when playing online blackjack. Regardless of the venue, players should be sure they are playing blackjack at their desired stakes.


Tip 2 – Know the rules — The rules of blackjack vary slightly from casino to casino. Some online casinos use eight decks, while others use hundreds of virtual decks. Be certain you not only know the rule set that the chosen blackjack table uses, but also know if there are a better set of blackjack rules you could be playing under at another casino or blackjack table.

Tip 3 – Be comfortable — Rules and stakes aside, always be certain that when you are playing blackjack that you are comfortable with the casino, the blackjack table, and your seat at the table. The best rules in the world cannot make up for being in an uncomfortable situation. Consequently, you should be certain that you are comfortable when you take a seat at a live blackjack table or an online blackjack table so that you profit and feel great while doing so!

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Best Blackjack Bonus

One of the key promotions that attracts new players to online casinos is something called a “casino bonus”, “signup bonus” or “first deposit bonus”. These bonuses are given to players typically after they make their first real money deposit. However, as you start looking around for the best online casinos, you’ll notice that very few of these casinos actually offer really good blackjack bonuses and instead offer casino bonuses for slots and other games.

Here at we have not only written about the safest, highest quality, most exciting and most reputable online casinos, but we have also arranged a number of the best online blackjack bonus deals that exist on the internet.

What Is A BlackJack Bonus?

A blackjack bonus is a promotion that is offered to new blackjack players at online casinos when they make a real money cash deposit. This bonus can be considered as “free cash” but unfortunately it not quite as simple as that.

Firstly, your bonus will have something attached to it called a “play through requirement” (e.g 30x, 60x, 100x). This is the amount you must wager before you can successfully cash out your blackjack bonus.

online blackjack

For example, let’s say you deposited £100 and got a £100 blackjack bonus with a 30 times (30x) play through requirement. This £100 roulette bonus would become available to you straight away in your account (total account balance: £200), however, you would have to wager £3000 (£100 x 30 = £3000) on the online blackjack tables before you could cash this bonus out.

This play through requirement is to stop fraudsters and cheats taking advantage of the casino promotions and trying to cash out the bonus straight away. Nevertheless, while the play-through requirement figure might seem quite large, you will quickly realise that you will be wagering a lot more than you thought and you will be able to cash out the bonus before you know it. Continue reading

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How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is the world’s most popular casino table game and is unique in that it offers a distinct advantage to the player in comparison to other casino games. The object of blackjack is to get as close to a total of 21 as possible without going over and while having a higher hand than the dealer. If you go over 21 you lose, if the dealer goes over 21 they lose, if no one goes over you win as long as your hand total is higher than that of the dealer’s.

While casino blackjack is a very easy game to learn, mastering the correct strategy for the game is a task that takes dedication and practice. After you learn the fundamentals of playing blackjack, you’ll want to memorize basic strategy to give yourself the best advantage every time you sit down at the tables or in front of your computer. Below we have provided you a summary of Blackjack including the basic functions of the game as well as some tips for playing.

Play Blackjack

Blackjack is comprised of a delicate balance between both the players at the table and the dealer they are trying to beat. In blackjack the dealer’s cards mean everything since using proper blackjack strategy will literally dictate how you will act as the player. Because of this it once again becomes very important to consider strategy, but first let’s take a look at how a typical casino blackjack game would run from start to finish with a table of players.

Finding the Right Online Casino

It would be all but impossible to count every single online casino on the Internet, I know for a fact that there are several hundred of them with new casinos both coming and going all the time. That is why I like to visit as they have a very high standards and are only prepared to write about and feature the UK’s best online casinos. They don’t waste time writing about the “average” ones and they certainly don’t want to recommend such casinos to their readers.


You should only join and play at established and well-known brands that you can trust for a fair game and you can trust them to pay you when you win. A few of the main qualities I look for in casinos are fast payment times, a solid reputation and games that are provided by a leading software provider.

The Shuffle & Deal

The game of blackjack can be played with as little as 1 and as many as 6 players at a time and is played at a table with the players on one end and the dealer on the other. The game uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards however almost all blackjack games incorporate between 6-8 decks these days both to hinder card counters as well as ensure randomness while playing the game. The value of the cards in blackjack are taken at face value for cards 1 through 10, face cards J,Q,K have a value of 10 as well. Aces have a value of either 1 or 11 meaning that if you had 6 and Ace you would have 7 or 17 and could hit again if you wish. When you approach a blackjack table all you need to do to begin playing is find an open seat and buy some chips from the dealer. You will then be allowed to place your bet on the next hand with an amount that falls between the tables minimum and maximum betting limits.

blackjack shuffle

After all of the players have placed their wagers, the dealer will bring their hand across the table in a semi-circle which signals that bets are closed for that round. He or she will then proceed to deal the cards to the player from what is known as a shoe (plastic holding or mechanical shuffling device where cards are stored until they are dealt). Every player in the game will be dealt two cards face up and the dealer will give themselves two cards one face down (known as the hole card) and one face up (known as the up card). At this point in the game it is the players turn to act and they must make one of a few decisions regarding how they are going to play their hand which they must signal to the blackjack dealer.

Player Decisions

Hit – When a player requests a hit it simply means that they would like to add another card to their hand and it is signalled by taping the table in front of your hand. Remember that the object of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible so if you were dealt a 5 and a 4 for  a total of 9, you would definitely want to hit since there is no way you can go over 21 and can only improve your hand. On the other hand if you were dealt a 10 and a 6 for a total of 16, you may choose to hit depending on what the dealers up card is according to strategy.

Blackjack Strategy

Stand – A stand or standing in blackjack is the opposite of a hit and this command means the player would not like anymore cards added to their hand and is happy with their point total. To signal a hit the player must wave their hand over their bet to signal to the dealer that they do not wish the receive anymore cards. Once you have decided to stand on your hand the dealer will put the action on the next player to the left of you until all players have made their decisions and it is the dealers turn to act according to the blackjack dealer rules. Continue reading

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How to win a Blackjack game

The undisputed king of card games, blackjack packs in everything you expect to get at a casino table: action, excitement, high stakes, and unexpected turns. It´s a game of skill and sophistication with very little chance involved – that is, if you play it right. Many of us have dreamt to play online blackjack and get a chance to win the jackpot and online casino blackjack is the best way to go about it. With the varied rules and graphic as well as live-feed game play Web-based gambling houses offer, the possibilities for victory are more than inviting. To make the most of them, you will need a sound strategy and a cool head. Here are few tips on how to win a blackjack game, keep your composure and stay on the winning path!

Eliminate distractions

The major advantage you have when you play casino games online is that you control the environment. Pick the best time and place to start your Internet gambling session and make sure you are free from distractions. That way you can concentrate on the game fully and follow your predefined winning strategy much more closely.


Know your opponent

Regardless of which version of online blackjack you are playing, you always compete against one person only: the dealer. Some casinos might offer you live blackjack where you can even tune in to other players’ webcams. This is merely a distraction which is best avoided. Focus on the two hands that matter: yours and the dealer’s. Familiarise yourself with the specific blackjack rules your casino of choice employs. If need be, keep a separate browser window or tab with the online casino blackjack rule book. Keeping your focus on, consult the rules whenever you are in doubt, so that you always hit your lone opponent with your best shot!

Bonus play

You want to play the king of card games at the king of casinos, right? The best online casino will also offer you the best bonuses. However, online casino bonuses can quickly spin your head, too! With a reputable casino of choice, you are unlikely to be scammed by the “card mafia”, but might well fall into your own mind’s trap. When your bankroll is suddenly beefed up by a generous bonus, you will be much more likely to bet larger sums in hope of greater winnings. This danger grows further if you find yourself on a “winning streak” which is a classic gambler’s fallacy. Set a firm rule of never wagering more than 5% of your current bankroll and stick to it! Continue reading

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Strategy for Blackjack Tournaments

Strategy makes blackjack, and blackjack is all about strategy. As long as you remember that, you can win the big tournaments over time. Don’t set high goals for yourself until you’re used to the format. It’s tempting to believe that you’re automatically supposed to ace it just because you’ve played some blackjack. Bout the tournament format brings its own set of challenges.

You need to make sure that you accurately handle basic strategy in blackjack well before going into the tournament format. You need to know when to hit, when to stand, when to double down. These are the basic skills. You can memorize free charts online so that you don’t miss these points.

Now then, there are some advanced tweaks that you need to understand. Indeed, a lot of newbies end up betting too much, and they strike out when they had a big chance to move to the next round. Don’t overplay to the point where you have to make big chip swings. That’s what everyone does. Bet only a little more than what everyone else is betting. This will leave you with a healthy margin to fall back on just in case your plan doesn’t go the way you think it should go.

Blackjack Tournaments

What about when you’re the last person on the table to bet? This is the best strategic position, but it doesn’t always come around that way. You might be the first person to bet. Try betting soft if you’re in first position, and betting harder when you’re in last position.

Look at any special rules the tournament provides you and take advantage of those. Sometimes you can buy your way back in, which means that you can be a bit more reckless than a tournament where you can’t just buy your way back in.

You still need to look at the possibly of even switching out of your cards in the shoe. Sometimes tournaments will let you do that, but other times they won’t.

The key here as you can tell is to be aware. Some players jump into tournaments only thinking about the money. The world of gambling is such that there is plenty of money to get, but you can’t just assume that you’re the only lone that wants the money. This means that you have to keep your wits together. Don’t just rush in. Study the format, study the way things are played. Then you can make educated decisions, which is the first step in the process to get your own money.

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Blackjack Variation Rules

People will always love the classic version of blackjack – a.k.a. “21.” But if you play blackjack long enough, it’s likely that you’ll become interested in some of the other blackjack variations. This being said, here is a look at the different blackjack variation rules.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The Double Exposure blackjack variation is every player’s dream because you get to see both of the dealer’s cards, instead of just one face-up. But since you have the advantage of seeing both of the dealer’s cards, the house reduces natural blackjack payouts from 3:2 to even money, and the dealer wins all ties. These two rule variations help the house maintain their edge.

Blackjack Variation Rules

Spanish 21 – The big rule change in Spanish 21 is that the house removes all 10’s from the deck; this also reduces the deck-size from 52 cards to 48. The removal of all 10’s gives the house a 25% edge, but the casino also includes big bonuses and other rule changes to drastically reduce the overly-high 25% edge.

Caribbean 21 – This is a very fun blackjack variation that allows players to split any two cards (instead of the same valued cards like in traditional blackjack), and also double down twice in a hand. Two more important things to note about the Caribbean 21 blackjack rules is that players lose ties, and aces are only worth 1 point instead of either 1 or 11 points.

Pontoon – The Pontoon blackjack variation rules are fairly basic since the dealer is dealt two face-down cards, and the player tries to beat this hand by drawing between 2 and 5 cards. The best possible hand is a Pontoon (two cards totaling 21), the second best hand is a Five Card Trick (five cards totaling 21), and the third best hand is a three or four card hand totaling 21.

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Perfect Blackjack

Keen on acquiring the technicalities of a professional blackjack player? In order to master the Perfect Blackjack strategy, you have to have at least one prerequisite – you must know the blackjack basics well enough. With the basic Perfect Blackjack strategy, you are able to meet the wager requirements with your net profit. The basic strategy is for your use in every online casino. Interested in a better score? Get started with the system of perfect adjusted blackjack. Blackjack has been mathematically projected so as to give the casinos an upper hand. However, if you abide by the multiple deck chart and play perfect blackjack, the casinos advantage is reduced to less than 0.5%.

One of the most common strategies of playing Perfect Blackjack is by making an exhaustive analysis of the chart that is marked as follows:

H: Hit
S: Stand
P: Split
D: Double Down if allowed, otherwise Hit
H/R: Surrender if allowed, otherwise Hit
H/P: Split if allowed to Double after a Split, otherwise Hit

Reading the chart

The Perfect Blackjack chart is categorized into 2 basic segments: the Dealer’s Cards and the cards you have at hand. Always remember to abide by the chart. You must digress under no circumstances in pursuit of a gut feeling, or premonition of bad luck after a suggested action. Remember, it is not luck, but mathematics that is being used as a strategy to beat the casino.

In order to get your hand value, all you must do is simply add the values of all your cards. The Jack, King and Queen are all equal to 10 points. Follow the special rows that have been indicated for Aces and pairs. After you have hit, split, or double, you can still conform to the same chart with your new hand. In case you have above 2 cards in one hand, snub any pair and add the cards’ values together. If you have over 2 cards, with one of them being an Ace, add together all the other cards and follow the row indicated for the special case.

Explanation for Perfect Blackjack Strategy

Place your bet and begin the game
Calculate your hand (usually done by the computer), look at the dealer’s face card and line up the 2 columns to see your best play. Don’t worry if you lose a longer series of games. Keep following the strategy card and you’ll win soon.


1.  Always go for small unit bets (2 dollars)
2. Get used to the never ending series of losses. At the end, the total number of wins is bigger than number of losses
3. Each online casino has different WR (wager requirements). After that, go and withdraw your money.

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Blackjack Strategy: Ladder Play

Today, I am going to talk to you about an idea for a blackjack strategy. It´s called a ladder. You can call it an up and down progression chain if you wish. This blackjack strategy is easy to implement and you might find it gives you the opportunity to win more money. I am going to give you the basic concept and show you what happened over a quick 20-hand test. As with any blackjack strategy that revolves solely around money management, the player factors in heavily. For example, a blackjack player that makes poor decisions will destroy any chance a money management strategy has of working.

Blackjack Strategy

This blackjack strategy is a snap to operate. It´ basically a ladder with 10 rungs and you start in the middle of the ladder. As you win, you climb up and as you lose you step down. If you are playing blackjack with $1 wagers, this blackjack strategy won´t work, because you can´t go down. You need to be playing at a level that can be stepped down 4 times. For example, if you were playing at a $1 blackjack table and started at $5, you could go 5-4-3-2-1. Here´s an example ladder for a $25 starting wager.

Blackjack Strategy

1: $5
2: $10
3: $15
4: $20
5: $25 (You start here)
6: $30
7: $35
8: $40
9: $45
10: $50

Blackjack Strategy in Use

Every time you win a hand of blackjack, your next bet is one level higher. When you lose a hand of blackjack, your next bet is one step lower. In the following real-world example, I present to you 20 blackjack hands that consisted of 11 wins (including one blackjack), 2 pushes and 7 losses. If I were playing a straight $25 wager per hand, the end result would have been a profit of $112.50. Let´s see what happened. Continue reading

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