Gambling with Real Money

One nice feature at any good mobile casino is the ability to try the games for free. With the free casino games, you get to try the games out, see if you like them, learn the rules and learn how the software works before risking any real money. There is a drawback to the free casino games, though: You can’t win any money.

For that reason, most customers at one point or another opt for gambling with real money. After all, it’s not really gambling if there is no real money involved, is it? Sure, poker, slots and blackjack may be fun to play for free, but you don’t have the tension or drama that you would have if there was money riding on the game. You also wouldn’t get the same thrill when you win.

Though gambling with real money adds to the thrill and makes the games more rewarding when you win, it should be done responsibly. You should never gamble any money that you can’t afford to lose and you should decide ahead of time how much money you want to spend. Keeping strict rules for your bankroll should help you avoid ending up in a bad situation where you lose too much money. Blackjack is a smart game to play because the casino’s edge is less than 1%. Continue reading

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Top three reasons why You should play blackjack

Those people that already play blackjack will have a whole list of reasons as to why they enjoy it and would recommend that others play it. However, if you have not played before then you might want a comprehensive guide as to why you should consider it. This is why these three points have been picked out for you. Hopefully there will be enough information so that you can understand why playing blackjack is something that you should have a go at.

It is a lot of fun

The card game of black jack can be a lot of fun. As each round does not take very long it can be really fast paces. You do not have to wait too long for others to have a go before you have yours as there is not that much decision making to do each round. This means that you quickly get to the end of the round and find out who has won and then move on to the next. Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Gambling – Or, Why We Enjoy The Game So Much

We’ve been writing about the art and science of gambling online for a very long time now. In fact, we can hardly remember a time when we didn’t rush to our office, put out an article, and reflect on the positive side of gambling. Far too many outlets focus on the downsides of gaming, and there certainly are those. But we feel that for most people, gambling is a form of entertainment.

But if you’re looking to have a little more “life” intertwined with your gambling, you have to check out these videos. We believe that when people get together to have fun, there’s a bit of magic that comes to life. Our every day lives are honestly a bit boring — queueing up for food, going through tax documents, waiting for in-laws to come round for a Sunday dinner…there’s a lot of stuff, but not necessarily a lot of fun.

That’s where you come in, dear reader. Check out these fun slice of life videos, where regular people like yourselves are invited to take time out to be a little kind, a little fun, and more than just a little funny. This first video had us excited, but it really took the crazy London Underground to get us all laughing.

When’s the last time you really laughed because something was truly hilarious? We hold a lot of stress in because we think that’s what everyone does. Naturally, you can’t always take a holiday or run off from your problems, but maybe taking more time out of your day to laugh and generate happy feelings could make a world of difference.

See, we’re not always talking about gambling per se. But since this is a gambling blog, we could mention that if you take more time to let the stress go, you actually play a lot better. We can’t put our finger on any specific study, but we can say that after years of gambling online, there’s no better advice. Take some time to laugh, and then go out there and play. After all, if you don’t laugh – and play! — you can’t win, now can you? Good luck!

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How online casinos are advancing the casino industry

Over the last few years we have seen a slow decline in the number of casinos, with even the biggest casinos in Las Vegas reporting losses in revenue. The online casino industry however has been booming, with more people than ever taking up games such as online slots.

Recently, Casino Bonus Tips ran a survey of 500 online casino players, to find out what they thought about the claims that online casinos are helping the casino industry reach a much wider audience.

A huge 85% of the respondents said that they agreed that online casinos did in fact allow those less likely to visit a casino, a chance to explore the world of slots through the many online casino sites. When asked what effect they felt this would have on the casino industry, many said they felt it would greatly increase the profits and introduce beginner gamblers to a new platform in order to enjoy the games.

online casinos

This online casino boom and the relaxation in advertising regulations, have seen many online casino and bingo TV adverts grace our screens, as well as our billboards and magazines. By making games such as slots and roulette accessible to a huge and varied audience, online casinos have helped to normalise and take away the slightly threatening persona they once had. The advancement in mobile technologies have helped to give people the option of gaming on the go and again, has increased the reach of casino gaming. Continue reading

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The growth of online casinos

With the ever changing landscape of technology, the digital world has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. This has paved way for some new and exciting ventures, taking manual forms of entertainment and allowing them to be accessed by the masses. Casinos are one of the many industries that have benefited from this move to the online space and Smartmobile Casino has put together an infographic to show just how far online casinos have come and how they have benefited from the digital revolution.

The growth of online casinos

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Four big-winning celebrity gamblers

From the outside looking in, it would appear as though celebrities – during an age in which their type are lauded as some form of human deity – are already very much winners at life.

Entire teams of staff are assembled to cater to their every whim – they are dressed, pampered and revered to within an inch of their life.

Good looks, money in the bank and a job that requires you to talk in front of a camera, sing into a microphone or chase around after a ball, some people seemingly have it all.

Even when the spotlight begins to fade slightly, those in the ‘business’ can console themselves in the knowledge that there will always be a place for them eating spiders in the Australian jungle or swearing loudly at fellow has-beens in the Big Brother house.

Life, it would appear, is pretty rosy for the social elite.

Some people, though, want it all, refusing to accept that they have it about as good as it gets and, wouldn’t you just know it, Lady Luck is often on their side then, too.

Here are four celebrities – but a drop in a much larger ocean – who like to win big in all walks of life.

ben affleck casino

Ben Affleck: Oscar-winning, J-Lo-dating, Jennifer Garner-marrying, Affleck is about as A-list as they come. You would think that someone so enveloped by the Hollywood lifestyle would find it difficult to drag himself away from the glitz and glam, with life one big pool party in the Los Angeles hills. Millions of bucks taken from the movie business is not enough for the Gone Girl star, though, as he is known to be partial to the odd casino visit. And who can blame him? Affleck was reportedly barred from the tables of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas after embarking on an eye-watering winning streak. Betting $60,000 per hand at blackjack, he is said to have walked away with $800,000 in winnings – even after tipping the dealers $150,000. Well you would, wouldn’t you!

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher: From the catwalk to the big screen, Demi Moore to Mila Kunis, you get the feeling that Kutcher could tumble head first into a slurry pit and come up smelling of roses. His luck is not restricted to his professional and personal life either, he even manages to score big on the hobby front. A renowned sports fan, one who can often be spotted court side at LA Lakers home games, Kutcher once made $750,000 in a single month as the head of a college football syndicate, placing bets for professionals who knew how to beat the system. He told Esquire Magazine what happened.

50 Cent

50 Cent: It should, perhaps, come as no great surprise to learn that a paid up member of the hip-hop community – one who is named after an American unit of currency – embraces every opportunity he gets to line his pockets. Rappers like the finer things in life, and they don’t come cheap. Money has to be made somewhere, and for Curtis Jackson that quest has taken him to the recording studio, the film set and the bookies. Mr Cent is known for having the odd flutter, and he doesn’t do things by halves when the mood takes him. He landed a cool $1 million in cash after betting on Floyd Mayweather’s super fight with Oscar de la Hoya, while he also banked $500,000 predicting the outcome of an NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants in 2012. He admitted after that success to having ‘followed the voices in his head’. Why don’t the voices in our head offer such useful information?

Teddy Sheringham playing poker

Teddy Sheringham: We may be breaking from the Hollywood trend slightly here, but Teddy Sheringham was once about as showbiz as a professional footballer / soccer player gets. He may not be in the David Beckham/Cristiano Ronaldo bracket, but he is still a figure who transcends the sport that made him famous. For a long time the former England international was more accustomed to being the subject of wagers, with punters on exchanges such as those at betfair placing their trust and hard-earned cash on him doing the business on the field for the likes of Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United in the English Premier League. Nowadays, while back in the game as manager of Stevenage, Sheringham has been known to dabble in the profitable world of poker. He has won close to £250,000 in live tournament events, has competed in two World Series of Poker and once collected €93,121 from a single contest in Vilamoura. Not a bad day’s work!

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Different types of jackpots and prizes available on online casinos

Millions of people across the United Kingdom play casino games for the pure entertainment and fun they receive from the favourite slot, table and card games, although there are those who do so in the hope of making a considerable profit for their effort. The latter is made more lucrative by the inclusion of jackpots and prizes that come for those who are fortunate enough to choose the right strategy or hit a lucky break, and although each player is advised to set betting limits to ensure their hard-earned money is not lost straight away, the lure of striking gold can prove too much. Each form of prize is design to provide loyal customers with an excellent opportunity to win something more valuable than the original type of winnings that come with every game, with jackpot-based games already proving popular with casino gamers. There are a wide range of jackpots and prizes available across a network of online casino sites which vary in terms of the type of game they are tied to, and they present a nice incentive for more people to try new games in the hope of hitting the jackpot.

play casino games

Standard jackpots

Standard jackpots are usually a set amount of money that is rewarded to players who are lucky enough to hit the right combination or win a tournament. The latter particularly applies to playing poker online as many sites provide prize money for players who finish in a certain order at the final table, or are placed in the top ten. Each tournament comes with a buy-in value that ranges from 2p to much higher, with the prize money naturally increasing in the big-money tournaments that can be worth several thousands of pounds to the overall winner who plays it cool and manages to beat their opponents at the table. Slot machine and blackjack games can also provide standard jackpots for people who get lucky and hit the right combination, or score 21 from their two hold cards (ace and a ten, jack, queen or king) and have a chip placed on the jackpot spot.


Progressive jackpots

The amount of money that casino enthusiasts put into playing their favourite games was once unmatched by an increase in jackpot valuation that remained at a set figure. It is for this reason that numerous online casinos included progressive jackpots which effectively tracked the number of players and amount of money that has been played on a daily basis, and creates an ever-increasing jackpot limit that is only set back to its base value once one lucky player has struck gold. Slot machines undoubtedly stand out as the best, and most suitable, casino games that should include progressive jackpots to account for the number of people that are trying to win and makes each game more lucrative for others who may prefer card or table games to give it a go.

Special prizes

Money-based prizes have become commonplace in the world of online casinos, but there are some sites which still offer the opportunity for customers to win other forms of prizes, such as gift vouchers, holidays and cars. This particularly applies to bingo which continues to rise in popularity through its transition from casino halls to the internet; although the former continues to provide wonderfully sociable and enjoyable nights out for friends and bingo enthusiasts to play in a grand venue, the latter makes it more convenient and efficient for those to play via their computer, mobile or tablet at their own convenience and put themselves in with a chance of winning a big prize.

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What are free casinos and how can they benefit me?

You’ve probably heard of online casinos, and even if you’re not a fan of gambling, you can name a couple of casino games and you’re likely to have a general knowledge of how to place bets and try winning some cash. However, you might discover that free casinos could provide you with lots of fun and might even be a method that you could use to win some money yourself.

What is meant by ‘free casino’?

A free casino is one whereby users can sign up and receive ‘free’ money in order to play and try their luck at winning some extra cash. The money which is given free to users upon signing up can only be used to play in the casino, and cannot be withdrawn. Depositing the free money gives the player the chance to participate in a variety of popular casino games, such as Slots and Roulette. One such example of free money is the free casino at, which gives £10 to each person who signs up, enhancing the whole online casino experience to the maximum!

free casino

Why should I try a free casino?

One of the reasons to try a free casino is the fact that you can see if it’s for you without actually having to invest any of your own money. While many online casinos will double your initial deposit or give you some free money once you pay money yourself, this does mean that you could potentially lose some of your own cash if you don’t win any of the games you’ve played.

If you’re apprehensive about trying an online casino, your best bet is to try a free one so that you can see whether or not you like it before spending money of your own.

Another reason to try a free casino is simply because you won’t feel under any pressure to win in order to get some money back, and this can make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Although you won’t be able to have a constant supply of free money from the casino, you will be able to ease yourself into it stress-free.

A final reason why free casinos are so popular with avid gamblers and newbies alike is that it gives you an easy and free way to see which games you’re good at before putting any real money down to play. For example, if you manage to win a couple of games that you’ve played with the free money, you know which ones you’re statistically more likely to win once you actually decide to dip into your own bank account and see if you can be a lucky gambler.

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