When You’re tired of Blackjack rounds – Do This!

The allure of blackjack isn’t just found offline, you know. But while we’re thinking about those luxurious, multi-million dollar establishments…we can’t help but think about blackjack. The list of movies that have showcased or even just highlighted blackjack is endless. Stop people on the street, and they’ll tell you that blackjack is one of their favorite games? Why? Because everyone thinks that they’re smarter than the person dealing them the cards. Our Norwegian friends stopped by while we were in the office debating the merits of blackjack. We’re all huge fans of the game but sometimes the festivities get to be too much. It gets tiring to play round after round, but what else is there?

Right in the middle of a heated battle, they shouted, “Casino spilleautomater på nett!” In other words, they want us to forget all about blackjack and start checking out slots. Of course, not just any slot games will do. They want us to look at casino online slots that are obviously going to be interesting enough to take our attention away from blackjack.

Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde slots

There are plenty of amazing slot games out there. Take Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for example. You get a really nice slot that’s beautiful to look at and pretty fun to play. One of the coolest things about this slot is that it’s in 3D format all the way through. The bonus games are presented in 3D, as well as the main setup. There’s a neat feature called the Potion Meter that actually takes in how many potion symbols hit the board. If you make the Potion Meter turn red, then everything flips over to Mr. Hyde’s side of things. The symbols fly in different directions around the board, and new combinations (and prizes) can be won in this manner.

Is this the only slot game waiting for you? Not at all. We just wanted to throw an example out there to get you thinking about the possibilities. No matter what game you play, we think that you ought to have a great time in the process.

It’s important to note that we don’t want you to give up blackjack fully; it’s just something that you can play instead of grinding rounds over and over. Sometimes the dealer gets the best of you because you’re tired, and sometimes the cards just aren’t in your favor. Try slots out when you get bored of blackjack; after all, you can always return!

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3 More Slots That Caught Our Attention

What attracts you to a slot game? For some people, it’s the fact that the game has multipliers, because they like the chance to make more money with the same spin, thereby not having to add more from their bankroll. Other people like the stacked wild effect, because it can stop a reel and increase your winnings in a different way. No matter what attracts you to a game, you need a chance to see what appeals to you first hand. Automatenherz.com has plenty of slots for you to try out. We picked three of the ones that randomly caught our attention. Perhaps you’ll find them interesting as well.

1. Invisible Man

invisible man slot

Can you find the Invisible Man? Do you think that you’re up to the challenge? This slot game presents you with 20 paylines, giving you plenty of chances to win. One of the standout features would be the moving wilds, as they can trigger bigger wins as well as set you up for bonus games. The graphics are really crisp and we found ourselves really caught by how brilliant all of the symbols look. This is one that we can see ourselves playing for a long time.

2. Wish Master

Wish Master slot

What’s your deepest wish? The Wish Master slot can’t give you exactly what you want, but it can give you a chance to win money and get a few extras, right? This is a 20 payline slot, just like the Invisible Man.

The big feature to look for is going to be the Wish Master Bonus, which gives you a huge multiplier and a lot of wild symbols entering the board. Don’t miss it!

3. South Park

South Park sslot

Who doesn’t like South Park? We admit that the show is a little over the top sometimes, but it’s all in good fun. South Park is very political, culture, and it highlights the best and worst of American culture. South Park is a 24 payline slot that gives you multipliers, free spins, and low bet requirements. We thought the graphics were pretty in line with the animation from the TV series, so check it out!

Play all of these wonderful games at AutomatenHerz.com. Have a good time!

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Free Slots

What Are Free Slot Machines?

Free slots are a great way to have fun and experience the trill of betting and winning online without breaking the bank. You can easily sample the wide variety of free slots online casinos have to offer. Much like classic slot machines, free slots come with an abundance of features and winning symbols. You can pick and choose your free slots based on personal preference and interests.

Some of the most popular free slot machines have three or five reels. Three-reel games typically have one winning line, but five reel-machines offer you more than one opportunity to win. This provides for extra fun, especially if you decide to play the game with friends or family.

Free slots are offered by online casinos primarily for the purpose of attracting new players. Having a wide selection of free games lures in thrill seekers and lets them have fun without the commitment of making a deposit. However, these games can provide equal excitement to existing players as well. Even if you are used to playing for cash, but you want to mix things up and enjoy a different game without the risk of losing money, you can take advantage of the variety of free slot machines.

streak of luck slot

Why Play Free Slots?

The short answer is – to have fun without unnecessary hassle and stress. Free slots are exclusively reserved for virtual casinos. You will not have the opportunity to walk into a casino or a pub and get this experience. Most of these facilities rely on the money you will spend on their slots to cover their administrative and operational costs. Of course, virtual casinos also have to pay operational costs associated with hosting the domain, maintaining their gaming software and ensuring a safe and secure experience. However, these costs are much, much lower than the costs of running an actual casino. Therefore, they can afford to create a free game zone that can help them gain popularity and to create a more entertaining experience for their clients.

Playing for free online is yet another incentive to choose among the many web-based free slots an online casino has to offer. Take advantage of the convenience and the opportunity to have fun.

Is There a Catch With Free Slot Machines?

You should get yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of all the free slot machines before you begin a new game. Some online casinos offer limited-time free spins to test out new games or to reward new members for creating an account. Some free slot machines online require that you download special software before you are able to play.

Whatever the case, the “catch,” if any, is in the fine print, and you should read it carefully before you start betting. Practicing safety before fun is essential. When you play online, mutual trust is crucial, and getting yourself informed before you sign up for any casino is a responsibility assumed solely by you as the player.

Where to play?

Finding the best online casino can be a challenging task these days with hundreds of different operators in the market all looking to have you join their site. With so many casinos online to choose from, it becomes increasingly important to be a diligent player and only seek out the best casino sites to risk your hard earned money by playing. I love playing casino games at Paddy Power because it´s one of the top quality and trusted casino websites with a proven track record of prompt payments and great customer service. You should definitely check it out!

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Blackjack – Best game to accompany slots at Karamba Casino

If you’re familiar with one of Europes best online casinos for slots players, you’ll know all about Karamba Casino. In its own class and possibly boasting one of the most premium designed platforms in the gaming industry, Karamba.com is amongst the top line of the NetEnt online slot delivery systems. Using the power of NetEnt and coupling quality gameplay with extremely generous bonuses, Karamba has forged a reputable history with its slots players with extensive free spins and new game promotions. But what about other games? In fact, it appears that another classic casino game is proving the perfect accompany to slots player preference, and that’s Blackjack.

Depending on the brand of online casino you choose to play table games, it’s always been tricky to pull of online blackjack, thereby using simulation to demonstrate dealership, but games builders are getting better. The blackjack at Karamba Casino, for instance, is amongst the best in the classic blackjack class, with players able to bet safely on securely in this perfectly suited environment. There’s a nice sound score that resembles a piano bar; the card movements are swift, and the betting controls are dynamic. It’s almost relaxing, cool and well calculated. So why is online blackjack the perfect accompany to playing slots?

karamba slots

According to a recent player-game survey, the fast-paced action that comes with playing online slots needs counteracting with a slower and more refined gaming process. It’s almost the yin and yang of the casino with one game being erratic and highly engaging, whereas the other is more calm and calculated. It’s also to do with player input; slots require betting measurements on a greater scale but will fewer decisions whereas online blackjack is quite the opposite. Blackjack cools players down after the heat that comes with rolling the big progressives and high variance games that are slots, the perfect accompany. So if you play slots at Karamba Casino, you may want to hit the card decks just afterwards to help calm down those spinning finger tips.

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Mobile Slot Sites changes the world of mobile and online gaming

The world of mobile online gaming can be confusing for people who are just joining in, but it doesn’t have to be. Mobile Slot Sites is your one stop shop for everything mobile gaming related and you know you’re in good hands with this reviewing giant.

They give readers the very latest and best information regarding all of the many different providers out there. If you’re new to playing online, they’ll help you get started, and if you’re an experienced pro, they can still help you make the most of your money.

This site has a fully responsive design, with clear tabs to direct readers to exactly the topic they want covered. There’s no need to waste time trying to find something, as all the links you need are right there on the front page. If you’re looking for reviews then they’ll happily point you in the direction of some great sites with generous joining bonuses. If it’s exclusive offers you’re after then they can help you out with some promo codes too, this site really does have it all.

Mobile Slot Sites

The site also has a news section that will keep you up to date with all of the latest offers from mobile sites. There’s no need to miss your entry into a competition or giveaway ever again with this handy resource.

They don’t just review slot sites either; they can also help you get your fix on casino and mobile bingo sites too. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about different joining bonuses and games, so you don’t need to spend time doing the research yourself.

Mobile Slot Sites is the best resource of its kind out there, there aren’t many sites that offer great advice, news and promotional offers too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mobile gaming pro or a newbie, they’ll be able to get you on your way to your optimal gaming experience.

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The added value that affiliates can bring to online advertising

Affiliate advertising and marketing on the web is nothing new, of course. In fact, it’s continuing to grow like Topsy as social media continue to gain ever-increasing importance, and this is, perhaps, truer in the online gambling and gaming sphere than anywhere else.

But whilst the landscape has changed a great deal, particularly over the last three years, human nature, of course, has not; as the old saying goes – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

What is seldom recognised, however, by the big brands is the fact that affiliates can really bring creativity and an added dimension to all forms of online advertising. They are able to do so as this is their specialist niche and the information can be presented as completely “objective” (i.e. whether it actually is or not, in practice).

And as the gaming industry matures, this creativity becomes increasingly important. Many affiliates have a very high degree of brand loyalty as users join discussion groups and the like and come back time and again sharing views with fellow users. Others are seen as an absolute pre-requisite by gamblers who take their activity very seriously – such as Oddschecker for gamblers seeking value.


Those who are less serious about their gambling tend to look for more entertainment. So casino and slots devotees looking to play slots now or roulette etc., for small stakes are far more likely to be swayed by creativity through affiliates’ efforts – as well as the more obvious signposting to generous introductory offer etc.

Affiliates offer an alternative which is almost virtually cost-free and risk-free to ‘merchants’ (i.e. the frontline sellers of goods and services such as casinos, bookmakers etc. in the online gaming industry). This is the central tenet of successful marketing for al affiliates across industry types.

Effective affiliates link their online advertising in an unobtrusive seamless way to relevant news stories which prompts genuine interest in the subject matter from gamblers. This factor tends to rely on the creativity and editorial skills of the affiliate organisations in guiding users to merchants – and is very much a balancing act when done well.

When affiliates work well with merchants, then each complements the other’s efforts in a combined desire to recruit customers. In other words, affiliates’ and merchants’ commercial objectives are complementary.

Given the competitiveness of the market place, there should be no sense in which the affiliates perceive that merchants think of them as parasitical – adding in another layer of commission and so taking money out of the industry. They should be seen, instead, as an add-on; a way of attracting more customers to merchants depending on the quality of content of the affiliates’ sites and, of course, the effectiveness of their marketing techniques (the latter being almost exclusively online). And in this way, the real added value that affiliates can bring to online advertising comes through engaging content.

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